What We Do

We believe that to be able to achieve best experience and support greatest feature set we need to use best tools and technologies to fit its needs so we use different technologies perfectly fit for that challenge.

UI & UX Design

We create beautiful & engaging User Experiences delivering Design & Branding which is consistent across Web, Tablet & Mobile platforms.

Front End Development

Front End development which is intuitive, clean and responsive. We work with Angular.js, Backbone.js, including full stacks like Express.js, Meteor.js etc.

Web & Mobile Apps

We build products which are innovative, modular & scalable. We practice Agile & Lean Product development using Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Node.js

Cloud Scaling & DevOps

We not only build your applications, but we can also manage & scale them. Our teams manage 24/7 desks ensuring high availability, security & operations.

Development Stack

ruby on railshtml5angularJACoffescriptnodejsbackbone.jsiOSandroid